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Why Export to UAE ?

Why the UAE?

UAE is a strategic point of transportation and product distribution, connecting to Asia, Europe, Africa, and other Middle Eastern countries. Filled with key natural resources of oil and natural gas, UAE earn a majority of its income from oil exports. Due to this massive wealth, the country has developed rapidly.

The area of UAE is mostly desert. Apart from fishery products, the country has to import agricultural produces. It’s a great opportunity for the Thai food industry to export to the region.

In addition to oil exports, UAE earn most of its income from investing overseas in America, Europe, and Asia as well as a booming tourism industry. Now, Dubai ranks as one of the world’s top destinations.

There are numerous tourists and investors visiting UAE each year. To better accommodate the visitors, UAE has improved its infrastructure, along with importing more products and offering new services. Hence, UAE supports international exporters and investors to do business in the country.

In 2022, Dubai hosted “Dubai World Expo 2020”, an event that provided an opportunity to technology and sustainable energy entrepreneurs to present their business.  It was estimated that Dubai World Expo 2020 welcomed 24.1 million visitors from 178 countries around the world. This is a golden time for manufacturers and service providers to expand quickly in UAE.

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