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What is Abalone?

What is Abalone?

Abalone is considered to a member of the Haliotidae family (along with whelks and sea slugs). Other Common names are ear shells, sea ears, and muttons shell due to the flattened shape of their shell.

However, unlike mussels, clams, and oysters which are encased in two shells, abalone is univalves, meaning that it has one shell rather than two symmetrical shells.

Abalone shell is oval-shaped with a low, open spiral structure. The shape of the shell is similar to that of an ear with one suction side exposed, allowing them to attach to rocks. The outside color of the shells can range from white, red, pink, green, blue, and purple.  Abalone shells are used in decorative items such as jewelry since they luminous colors making it beautiful to behold.

Abalone relies on the currents to bring them drifting algae, seaweed, and other food sources to eat, while clinging to the rocks with its foot.

They are commonly found in the cold water off the coasts of Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North Western America, and South Africa.

Abalone Meat Delicacy

Abalone meat is considered to be a high-priced delicacy in many parts of the world.  It’s a big delicacy, especially in Asia (China, Japan, and Korea). For instance, in Chinese culture, abalone is considered to be a luxury item similar to the shark fin soup and bird nest soup.

Abalone meat used for food come from its thick adductor or foot muscle. Since the meat of abalone is make-up of muscle, this results in its firm and slightly rubbery texture.

Abalone can be eaten both raw and cooked, and have a buttery and salty taste similar to a scallop or a squid.

In terms of health benefits, abalone is an excellent source of many vital nutrients, such as omega 3, iodine and phosphorous (phosphate).

Give Abalone a try!

Example Abalone Menu – Fried Abalone with Oyster Sauce

Fried Abalone with Oyster Sauce

Abalone is cooked with the stems of Hong Kong Kale, boiled mushrooms, and oyster sauce. This gives the Abalone a salty taste and an appetizing aroma.

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