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Where is durian from ?

Durian Farming in Southeast Asia

If you happen to come across durian, a giant spiky fruit with a notorious reputation, you may be curious to know more about it.  Read on to find out about where durians are grown, its seasons, and varieties in Southeast Asia.

Countries where Durian are farmed

Durian are commonly grown in Southeast Asia. They thrive in tropical climates as large evergreen trees with height up to 50 meters (164 ft). Leading exporters are Thailand followed by Malaysia and Indonesia. Meanwhile the highest demand of durian comes mostly from China, Japan, and Vietnam.

In Southeast Asia, durian can be purchased from various street vendors or stores, making it quite easy to find. They are also available in cafes and restaurants as various types of snacks and drinks.

Durians are then shipped overseas to other countries in America and Europe. Usually, they are frozen beforehand at a temperature of -11 °F (-24 °C), extending storage life for as long as 3 months. It is likely to be available in oriental food markets located in major cities.

Durian Season

Durian seasons vary greatly depending on the country and region. Overall, durian season in the top producing countries typically hit a peak around June-July. It’s not a surprise why Thailand is a major durian producer because durian can generally be grown across the country and has a main season lasting around 5 months from April to September. On the other hand, durian production in some countries are greatly affected by monsoons.

Durian Varieties

Keep in mind there are over 300 varieties of durian worldwide with each having their own unique flavor and texture. When newly harvested, some varieties are crispy and taste mildly pungent. As it ripens, the flesh becomes custard-like with a creamier and sweeter flavor.

There are also plenty of other ways to enjoy durian such as in cuisine or deserts. Try durian chips, ice cream, cream buns, etc.

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