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What is Thai Tea?

What is Thai Tea?

Thai tea is an iconic Thai beverage sold in drink stalls all over the country and in Thai restaurants worldwide. There are different types of Thai tea, which can be hot or cold. Thai Iced Tea or Cha Yen (ชาเย็น) is the most popular. It has a distinct bright orange color and flavor that’s creamy and sweet with a hint of vanilla and other spices.

Thai Iced Tea is made by brewing black tea from Thai tea leaves and adding condensed milk, sugar, and evaporated milk.  The mixture is then poured over crushed ice to cool it down.  A Thai brand of tea leaves has food coloring that gives the tea its iconic orange color.

Thai tea sweetened with sugar but without milk and orange color is Thai Black Tea or Cha Dam (ชาดำ). Another variant is Thai Black Tea with lime, which is called Thai Lime Tea or Cha Manow (ชามะนาว).

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