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What is Buddha Jumps Over the wall (佛跳牆)?

What is Buddha Jumps Over the wall (佛跳牆)?

A famous Chinese delicacy is Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. It’s a hearty, nutritious soup that uses premium ingredients from the forest and the sea, and can take many long hours or several days to prepare. Many variations of this dish are available to enjoy as its ingredients, size, and quality can differ.

What are the ingredients used in Buddha Jump Over the Wall?

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall has many variations because many types of ingredients are used, depending on preference. Usually, the ingredients are premium and high quality, which makes the price expensive. It’s an extremely healthy soup made from meat, seafood, and herbs.

Common ingredients include meat like chicken, pork, duck, and quail eggs. Additionally, herbs are used, which includes wolf berries, bamboo, ginseng, ginger, and mushroom. Other exquisite ingredients are seafood such as sea cucumber, abalone, fish maw, scallops, and shark fin. Finally, Chinese wine adds a sweet flavor.

How is Buddha Jump Over the Wall made?

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is made traditionally by layering ingredients in a wine jar before placing a lotus leaf to cover the top. Some ingredients may need to be soaked, boiled, or fried first. Next, the soup is boiled slowly over a long period. This long, delicate process help brings out the sweetness and thickens the soup, while the meat and seafood turn soft and tender.

What is the origin of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?

Buddha Jumps over the Wall was created during the Qing Dynasty in Fujian, China.   It’s said while a scholar was preparing this soup in his home, a monk who was living at a nearby temple caught the enticing smell of this dish. The monk, despite being a vegetarian, couldn’t resist and then jumped over the temple walls to ask for a taste.

Another origin of this name could be from the many poems in China that praise the delicious taste and high nutrition benefits of this soup. Eating the soup is believed to be good for your health and contribute towards a long, fulfilling life. Therefore, this soup is so great that even the Buddha jumps over the temple wall to eat this dish.

What are the Benefits of Buddha Jumps over the Wall?

This dish, packed full of dense nutrition, is a superfood. Here are some benefits:

  • Meat and bone from pork, duck, and chicken along with quail egg provide protein and collagen.
  • Herbs such as wolf berries, ginseng, bamboo, ginger etc. are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals that support body function.
  • Seafood like sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, and fish maw gives omega-3s, iron, vitamin B and D, and protein.

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