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Suvarnabhumi shop at Thai Mart Bahrain

EAT x Suvarnabhumi Shop at Thai Mart Bahrain

Suvarnabhumi Shop is managed by EatConnection. Suvarnabhumi Shop imports Thai products from all regions of Thailand, selecting the finest with top-tier quality. We aim to distribute and promote Thai brands to be well known by expanding both online sale channels and attracting visits to the shop. Suvarnabhumi Shop is located at Thai Mart Bahrain, which is the first Thai shopping destination in the Middle East.

Experience Thainess with a variety of exquisite Thai goods available to choose from.

  • Handicrafts and innovations crafted by the Thai locals.
  • Decorative items and household items.
  • Health and beauty products, spa, and cosmetics.
  • Ready to eat food products and beverage.

What are the operations of Suvarnabhumi Shop?

EAT x Suvarnabhumi Shop supports Thai companies to grow globally starting from the process of product registration, shipment, and then importing Thai products into Bahrain.

The shop has a point-of-sale system set in place for efficient stock management and product rotation. Our team expertise in marketing and creating promotions in addition to arranging for experienced sales staff.

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Bahrain is a great potential market for Thai products. Export Thai Products to the Middle East with EAT.
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