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7 Health Benefits of Eating Salmon

Why Salmon Is One of The Best Fish You Should Eat

 1. The first benefit of eating salmon is that they are cleaner compared to other fish species. The reasons for this is because salmon only reproduce and lay eggs in clean fresh water. Therefore, the chances of the salmon coming in contact with residues and parasites are low. As a result, a large percentage of salmon consumption are eaten fresh.

2. The second benefit of eating salmon is that it can help support the cardiovascular system and increase blood circulation within the human body. This is because of the “heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids” found within the salmon.

Salmon contains Omega 3 because its main food source are algae and spawn. Omega 3 is known to help reduce the bad fat along the walls of blood vessels, which improves the flow of the blood to your muscle. As a result, this can help lead to lower rate of arterial blockage as well as heart disease.

3. The Third benefit of eating salmon is to help muscle building. For those who want to build muscle, but are tired of eating chicken breast every meal, they can switch to salmon. Salmon are protein rich fish.

In addition, salmon is rich in vitamins A, B, and D as well as minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and iron that help strengthen the human body.

4. The fourth benefit of eating salmon is that it can help support the function of the nervous system and brain. As mentioned above, salmon is a fish rich in ‘Omega 3’, so it has important properties to strengthen the nervous system and brain as well.

Omega 3 is responsible to provide nutrition for the brain, which helps the brain function effectively along with Increasing your ability to remember.

5. The fifth benefit of eating salmon is reducing the risk of diabetes. This is because the oil from salmon help increases the efficiency of metabolism in the body by cutting leptin levels and helping your body process foods more effectively.

6. The sixth benefit of eating salmon is in reducing the risk of depression. Because Omega 3 helps to strengthen the nervous system and brain. Eating salmon can reduce the tension or anxiety caused by the brain working.

7. The last benefit of eating salmon that we will talk about is that its help to maintain your youthfulness. An example can be seen by the Japanese people who have one of the longest life spans in the world.

This is because one of the Japanese main diet is fish, and one of the most popular fish consumed there is salmon. Salmon is rich in collagen, which is known to help brighten the skin, reduce wrinkled, and make one look younger.

Example Salmon menu “Salmon Sashimi  (ปลาแซลมอนซาชิมิ), Salmon don (ข้าวหน้าปลาแซลมอน), and Spicy Salmon Sashimi Salad (ยำปลาแซลมอน)”.


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