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Green Mung Beans in Sugar Syrup

Green Mung Beans in Sugar Syrup (Sweet Soup)

Green mung bean boiled with sugar, also known as sweet mung bean soup, is a popular dessert in Asia. It only requires a few steps and ingredients to make. This dessert is healthy, tasty, and perfect for the summer.

Green Mung Beans Benefits 

Green mung beans have plenty of nutrients, which is suitable for vegans and people looking to lose weight.

– Protein and good carbohydrate help you feel full longer
– Calcium support bone health
– Protein aids muscle growth
– Vitamins and minerals nourish skin and hair 
– Cooling properties help relieve body heat
– Antioxidants may protect against harmful diseases
– Fiber aids digestion
– Support the immune system

Green Mung beans Recipe

How to make Sweet Green Mung Beans Soup

Traditionally, the green mung beans are soaked for 2-3 hours or overnight for faster and even cooking. It may also aid digestion. However, some people cook the beans right away as the mung beans are small, especially when compared with other types of beans.

  1. Rinse Green mung beans and pick out the spoiled beans.
  2. Cook in boiled water for around 30 minutes or until the beans become tender.
  3. Add sugar, usually brown sugar but any type can be used, along with optional salt and boil until dissolved.

Enjoy warm or refrigerate for a cool summer treat.

You can lightly roast the mung beans in a pan before boiling for a more intense and aromatic flavor. Keep a careful watch as it can burn and turn bitter.

How to enjoy Sweet Green Mung Bean Soup

Green mung bean soup is a healthy yet tasty dessert when low sugar is used. It can also be boiled with pandan leaves and ginger for a pleasant aroma and even more health benefits. In some countries, seaweed, sago pearls, or pieces of fruit are added.  The soup can also serve as the base for savory cuisine by adding vegetables and spices such as onion, garlic, etc.

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