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Food Product Registration in UAE – Dubai

Overview of Food Product Registration in UAE – Dubai

Food product registration allows companies to import, distribute, manufacture, and re-export the approved food product in UAE. Applicant must be a UAE based company with a valid trade license.

Initial Documents Required for Food Product Registration

  1. Artwork of the Product Label
  2. Product Image

Label Requirements for Food Product Registration

The requirements for the information on the label are:

  1. Brand Name
  2. Product Name
  3. Product’s Barcode
  4. Ingredients
  5. Nutritional Information
  6. Production & Expiration Dates
  7. Manufacturer Details
  8. Net Weight or Volume
  9. Country of Origin (The exact country should be specified)
  10. Lot number/Batch Number
  11. Storage Conditions
  12. Instructions for Product Usage (if needed)
  13. Warning – hypersensitivity (if needed)

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