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What is Goji berry?

What Are Goji Berries?

    Goji berry or wolfberry is a small, round, and bright red superfruit picked from shrubs grown in Asia, mainly China. The fruits are usually sundried and dehydrated after picking to prevent spoiling. For thousands of years, it’s been praised for numerous health benefits and even used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Benefits of Goji Berry

1. Superfood
Goji berry is a superfood high in vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids, and other minerals essential for the body. It’s also low-calorie, fat free, and high-fiber, which are ideal for weight loss.

2. Improve eyesight
Zeaxanthin and beta carotene are carotenoids that give goji berry its bright color, protect the eye from sun damage and help prevent age-related eye diseases.

3. Good for skin
Goji berries are packed with vitamin C, amino acids, and antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin and protect against toxins from the environment.

4. Boost Liver Function
Since ancient times, goji berries are used in traditional medicine for liver health. It may also prevent fatty liver disease caused by alcohol.

5. Support Kidney Health
Goji berries reduce inflammation, neutralize free radicals that damage cells, and help detoxify the body, which are believed to support kidney function.

How to eat goji berry

In Asia, it’s common to eat goji berry in herbal chicken stew and brewed tea. As for other parts of the world, goji berries can be mixed in granola bars, salads, and yogurt.

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