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What is Genki Forest?

Genki Forest 元气森林

What is Genki Forest?

Genki Forest specializes in tasty, refreshing drinks with an emphasis on health and use of high quality, natural ingredients. It offers diverse product lines from milk tea and traditional tea to sparkling water, which serve as healthy alternatives to sugary drinks in the market.

Genki Forest is a young company founded by Binsen Tang in 2016. Since then, it expanded rapidly with its low fat, low sugar, and low-calorie drinks. Currently, the company is worth around $6 million dollars, making it a unicorn company or a startup with a high valuation.

What makes Genki Forest popular?

Genki Forest uses high-quality ingredients in its drinks for a lightly sweet and refreshing flavor, yet low in fat and sugar. The drinks are perfect for the new trend of consumers who are more health conscious, but won’t compromise in taste.

Sparkling water, one of its product lines, comes with 0 calories, 0 fat, and 0 sugar. While other soft drinks companies use low quality ingredients as a sugar substitute, Genki Forest uses erythritol and sucralose. Although erythritol is quite expensive, it’s a natural sugar derived from vegetables, fruits, and fermented food with a slight cooling effect, less side effects than other sugar substitutes used in the market, and 0 calories.

Genki Forest’s sparkling water is available in both cans and bottles, offering many flavors which taste natural, mildly sweet, crisp, and cool, perfect for the summer. Various sparkling water flavors are cucumber, peach, lychee, white peach, white strawberry & coconut, green apple, yogurt refresh, and calamansi (citrus fruit).

What is the meaning of Genki forest?

“Genki” is a Japanese word (CHI), meaning “bubbles” and “positive energy.” This refers to its sparkling water and tea that lifts you up in spirit and energy. “Forest” gives a natural image just like Genki Forest products that uses natural ingredients such as fruit or tea.

Using a Japanese concept

An interesting point is that Genki Forest, a Chinese company, uses a Japanese name for its products. That’s because Genki forest takes inspiration from Japanese products that are famous for its aesthetic pleasing packaging and high-quality standards. It’s also meant to meet the changing demand of the new generation of Chinese consumers who love Japanese products.

Currently, Genki Forest is a major player in the soft drinks beverage industry that focuses on global-inspired flavors while promoting good health and wellness. During big shopping festivals in China, Genki Forest beat both Coca-Cola and Pepsi in sales. Now, it’s popular worldwide, shipping to over 41 countries such as the United States and Australia.

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