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What is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea Characteristics

Earl Grey Tea is a British blend of black tea and bergamot oil. Warm red to dark brown in color, Earl Grey Tea is bold and malty with a spicy and sour undertone. Although delicious by itself, skimmed milk and slices of lemon can be added.

Variations of this blend include lemongrass, orange, cornflowers, or lavender. For instance, the milder Lady Grey Tea uses bergamot, lemongrass, and orange. A distinct citrus taste makes Earl Grey Tea a key ingredient in various desserts such as scones, cookies, and cakes. Unlike other teas, Earl Grey Tea has a short shelf life of 6-12 months due to its added flavoring.

Where did Earl Grey Tea come from?

Earl Grey Tea originated in England. The inspiration likely came from China, a country of tea masters in brewing high quality tea and naturally aromatic tea. To capture this aromatic flavor, bergamot was added to black tea in Britain, which was unheard of in China.

Origin of Earl Grey Tea’s Name

Earl Grey Tea is named after Charles Grey who was the second Earl Grey and later Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during 1830-1834. However, his relation to the tea is still mysterious with numerous claims made by various companies.  

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