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Thai Trade Exhibition Saudi Arabia 2023

The First Thai Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

Thai Trade Exhibition Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 2023
From 27 to 30 August 2023 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center – RICEC

Event Information

Name of Project: Thai Trade Exhibition Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 2023
Date of Event: 27 – 30 August, 2023
Venue Location: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center – RICEC
Organizer: Vega Intertrade and Exhibition LLC. (Dubai)
Time: 03:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Trade Show Information

Event Format: Thai Trade Exhibition Saudi Arabia is a consumer goods trade show. A range of goods include health and beauty products, medical and hospital services, and a spa from Thailand with a grand display in Riyadh. Visitors such as tourists from all over the Middle East and around the world with high purchasing power can select goods and shop with pleasure. For instance, Saudi Arabians widely recognize the health and wellness tour programs. Local people can experience Thai culture and arts. This is a unique opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to profit from selling products and service to the fullest.

Visitors: Wholesaler, Retailers, and Citizens of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries who are interested

Exhibitors: Thai manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and OTOP groups.

Thai Trade Exhibition Saudi Arabia – Objectives 

  1. BUILD ON YOUR BUSINESS – Reach out to the Arab’s largest B2B and B2C markets and distribute products in the region.
  2. MEET THE RIGHT BUYERS AT THE RIGHT TIME – Do business with Saudi customers who request several goods during the winter season.
  3. BUILD UP CONFIDENCE AND INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – Win the hearts of customers by presenting high-quality products and services from Thailand and maximize the potential for joint investment.
  4. GREATLY PRESENT THAINESS – Recreate a Thai palace in order to impress visitors who appreciate Thai culture.

Why do you have to go to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the second largest country in the Arab world following Algeria. Saudi Arabia is a major producer and exporter of oil and is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia flourished in recent months. Therefore, this is a good time to build cooperation in many areas of the two countries, such as energy, tourism, security, trade and investment, health, food and sports.

Saudi Arabians show interest and is familiar with products from Thailand from past experiences, where Thailand is very famous with Middle Easterners as a “Kitchen of the World” and a “Medical Center.” Along with the restoration of relations between the two countries after the discussions of both governments’ officials, this creates a golden opportunity for investors and Thai SMEs to build businesses and to seek trade partners both in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

1st Thai Trade Exhibition at Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 2023

The fair showcases a variety of consumer products such as products made from wood and agarwood oud, medical and hospital services, tour operators, ready meals, snacks, clothing, fashion, gifts, home items, home decorations, souvenirs, handicrafts, beauty products, cosmetics and spa products.

Importer, wholesalers, and workers from all over the Middle East region along with tourists who have high purchasing power, can choose products to import from a wide selection while shopping with pleasure. In addition, this trade fair is a platform to exchange and promote Thai arts and culture with local people. With this unique opportunity, Thai entrepreneurs can profit from sustainable trade and sale of goods and services.

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