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What is Sweet Mung Bean Porridge with Coconut Cream?

What is Sweet Mung Bean Porridge with Coconut Cream or Tau Suan (เต้าส่วน)

Sweet mung bean porridge with coconut cream or Tau Suan (เต้าส่วน) is a popular local Thai dessert. Split mung beans, which are yellow in color, are steamed until tender and then cooked in water, sugar, and a type of starch such as tapioca, sweet potato, or arrowroot. The dessert tastes sweet with a light, floral aroma from pandan leaves, which contrasts well with the salty coconut cream drizzled on top. The consistency is gooey and starchy with a clear color that many describe as “snot pudding.” Tau Suan can be topped with young coconut meat and taro.

Where did Tau Suan come from?

Tau Suan (豆爽) is a Chinese word, hinting at its origins in China. However, traditional tau suan isn’t topped with coconut cream. Sweet mung bean porridge is eaten with chewy and salty Chinese fried dough sticks (youtiao) instead.  

The traditional way of eating tau suan is also seen in other countries like Singapore. Interestingly enough, Vietnamese locals enjoy their tau suan with coconut cream, similar to Thailand.

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