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Genki Forest Sparkling Water Citrus Flavor

Genki Forest Sparkling Water Citrus Flavor 480ml. x15 Bottles/Box
Brand: GENKI FOREST 元气森林
Price: 490 Baht/Box
Quantity: 15 Bottles/Box
Volume: 480 ml./Bottle
Origin: Imported from China
Barcode: 6970399920439

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Product Description

Genki Forest has arrived in Thailand !! Discover your Genki. Enjoy a refreshing, delicious, lightly sweetened and sour Calamansi Citrus sparkling water with ZERO SUGAR, ZERO CALORIES, and ZERO FAT! A healthy drink for your health and taste buds.

SUMMER FUNTIME: Genki Forest Sparkling Water Citrus Flavor is a true-to-fruit drink with a nostalgic twist to remind you of summertime harvests. Delicious, refreshing, with a perfect balance of lime with bold notes of tangerine in every sip.


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