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What is Beer made of?

What ingredients are in Beer? Get the insight knowledge and stories about Beer. Almost everybody loves beer, drinks beer and talks about beer. But have you ever wondered what exactly is beer? To put it simply, beer is essentially made from four basic primary ingredients.          1. Malt Most Alcoholic beverages start off with the...

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The difference between Ale and Lager

Do you know the difference between Ale and Lager? Whether you are a newcomer to the world of beer or an avid drinker, the many different terms of beer may confuse you – ale, porter, lager, stout, bocks, etc. To make it simple, all beer is classified into 2 main types, ale or lager. There...

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Is Popcorn Bad or Good For You?

Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks! What are some of the healthiest snacks? Surprisingly, Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks! Of course, this refers to popcorn that are not heavily doused in butter or oil like in the movie theaters. Depending on the way the popcorn is prepared, there are 5 reasons why...

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How To Pick Fresh Fish

Freshness is everything Fresh fish has a sweet flavor and juicy texture, where as an old and stale fish would taste bland, dried out, and smelly. Therefore, the key to enjoying the perfect fish dishes laid in its freshness. However, determining the freshness and quality of fish can be challenging. Here are the Tips to...

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How To Make The Perfect Boiled Eggs

A guide on how to make the perfect boiled eggs In Japanese cuisine, seasoned ramen is often served with the marinated juicy soft-boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs complement salad and sandwiches. However, it may be difficult to get the desired type of boiled egg. This guide provides a method on how to get the perfect...

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15 Popular Thai Desserts You Must Try

15 Popular Thai Desserts  Thai desserts are mainly sweet in taste and served in different ways such as with syrup, coconut milk, fruits, or sticky rice. The desserts can be a complement to sticky rice, wrapped in and cooked with banana leaf (bai tong) or pandan leaf (bai toey) to give the food a pleasant...

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The Types of Salmon

The Difference Between Salmon Types First of all, Salmon are anadromous, which mean that they are born in fresh-water rivers and streams. They migrate to the ocean to mature and then later return to these same fresh rivers and streams to reproduce. Salmon can be divided into two main species making up of Atlantic and...

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What is Abalone?

What is Abalone? Abalone is considered to a member of the Haliotidae family (along with whelks and sea slugs). Other Common names are ear shells, sea ears, and muttons shell due to the flattened shape of their shell. However, unlike mussels, clams, and oysters which are encased in two shells, abalone is univalves, meaning that...

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What is Fish Maw?

What is Fish maw? To start off, fish maw is the dried swim bladders that come from a large fish like a croaker or sturgeon. In Asian culture, it is considered to be one of the top four delicacies of the sea (abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, and fish maw). In appearance, dried fish maw...

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What is Black Cod?

Facts about Black Cod? Black Cod, which are also called by the name butterfish and sablefish, is a richly flavored fish with a succulent texture and high oil content. The Black Cod is highly valued for its rich, buttery flavor, hence its nickname “butterfish”. In Thailand, the price of Black Cod is around 2000 Baht...

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Hokkaido Scallops Japan

What is Hokkaido Scallop? Hokkaido scallops can be found off the coastline of North Hokkaido, Japan. The average shell length when the scallops are harvested is between 5 to 7 inches. Since the Hokkaido scallops grow in the cold water of the Northern seas, this results in its sweet and juicy flavor, and firm texture....

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What is Engawa?

Engawa Facts Engawa is the meat that comes from the tail fin muscle of a flatfish. Because Engawa comes from the fin section, a single flatfish usually provides about four pieces of Engawa, thus the price can be expensive. Since the fin is considered to be one of the most developed muscle of a fish,...

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7 Health Benefits of Eating Salmon

Why Salmon Is One of The Best Fish You Should Eat   1. The first benefit of eating salmon is that they are cleaner compared to other fish species. The reasons for this is because salmon only reproduce and lay eggs in clean fresh water. Therefore, the chances of the salmon coming in contact with...

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What is Wagyu Beef?

The name WAGYU is a Japanese word that comes from combining two words, WA (和) which means Japan, and GYU (牛) which means cow. Therefore, the word WAGYU (和 牛) can be translated to “Japanese cow”. The meat from Wagyu cattle is highly known for its quality which in return commands a high price. The...

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